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In order to keep your water heater in proper working order, basic water heater maintenance is needed periodically. You can easily do these procedure yourself.  Sediments and minerals will settle at the bottom of your water heater during normal operation. If the water contains large amount of minerals and dirt, the bottom sediments can pile up very quickly and make your heater less efficient. If left alone for too long, your water heater will not cost you more money to operate but tank will start to rust. Eventually, you will need to replace the entire unit. This is something which is expensive and yet easily preventable. One basic water heater maintenance that you should do regularly, is the flushing of the water tank.

So take out a hose, bucket and your work gloves, for some basic water heater maintenance. Make sure you read the maintenance instruction of the water heater before commencing.

First, switch off the power source and water supply. You should do this the night before. No point heating water that you will drain off. Locate the water drain and attach the hose to it. Open the drain and the pressure relief valve. The water may be dirty and drains slowly because of the sediments. Allow the water to be drained fully. Then with the pressure relief valve still open, fill the tank by turning the water supply back on. Fill partially and then open the drain again. This is to flush the tank. Repeat if the drained water is still dirty. When the water tank is properly flushed, closed the drain and the pressure relief valve. Fill the tank and switch the power supply back on. Your water heater should be working more efficiently after this.