Saving Gaia
Saving Gaia - Join The World, Do Your Part Today

Earth Day is on 22 Apr each year. At least 192 countries will commemorate Earth Day this year.  The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970. Since then, countries, organisations and individuals renew their pledge each year to protect the environment. Each year, more than 1 billion people around the world participate in Earth Day activities. It is the biggest civic observance event in the world! So, are you in yet?
Make A Commitment

You can join in by making the commitment to protect the environment. It does not have to be a big showy thing. You can simply make the pledge in your heart.
Take Action

Then take action - do your part by reuse, reduce and recycle. Reduce your consumption of Earth's resources. Reuse what you can so that you do not need to buy new things. Recycling will not only reduce your consumption but will also reduce the rubbish and waste generated.
Learn and Teach
Learn more about climate change, clean water, events like Earth Hour, Earth Day and Saving Gaia.
Teach if you can, to your friends and family. What better way to participate in Earth Day than to teach environmental protection to the young ones. You can start with the 3R - reuse, reduce and recycle.

Finally, simply share your thoughts about Earth Day, about you have done, with your friends and loved ones. Spread the word. Thank you.