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Earth Hour
Each year on the last Saturday of March, the world is encouraged to switch off non-essential electricity for one hour. This is Earth Hour. A reminder that Gaia need our active assistance. The Earth Hour movement started in Sydney in 2007 as a campaign to raise awareness on environment protection.  Today a key objective of Earth Hour is to get people to go "beyond the hour" in their commitment to environmental protection.

By 2011, the Earth Hour movement has spreaded to 5,251 cities and towns, raising awareness among some 1.8 billion people in 135 countries.

In May 2012, Earth Hour moved its global headquarters from it's birthplace in Sydney, Australia to Singapore.  It joined some 135 international non-profit organisations that are currently using Singapore as their global base.  Singapore offers a high level of connectivity and resources that the Earth Hour campaign needs to move forward.  Earth Hour's Singapore headquarters is expected to lead the campaign's outreach to businesses.  The move to Singapore makes geographical sense- Earth Hour is growing really big in India, China and Indonesia, as well as the United States and Latin America.  Hence, by moving to Singapore, it is ideally situated to help Earth Hour grow, especially in Asia.

2015's Earth Hour took take place on 28 March 2015, at 8.30pm.  What did you do then? Will you continue to help to save Gaia?