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There are more options for eco-friendly hydrid cars today. They are getting more affordable too. Here is a review of some of the popular electric car models.
The Nissan Leaf, which stands for Leading Environmentally-friendly and Affordable Family car, is a zero-emission vehicle running on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. It is a stylish 5-doors hatchback with a travelling range of around 150-180km on electric power and can hit a top speed of 150km/h.
Ford's eco-friendly car is the electric car version of the Focus, launched at the end of 2011. The Electric Ford Focus has an advanced battery system, which extends the service life of the battery. It is also zero CO2 emission and is totally gas-free, relying only on battery power.
The Chervolet Volt is a more conventional electric hybrid car. However, it is different from other early model hybrid cars which use 2 engines for driving – an electric motor for low speed driving with the gas engine for acceleration and long distance driving. The Chevy Volt only uses its electric motor for driving. The gas engine is used to generate electricity when the battery power is depleted. The battery will run for up to 35 miles. The onboard gas generator then produces electricity, boosting the range by another 375 miles. That is a mileage of 37 mpg.  The Chevy Volt is charged through a standard 120V charging kit plugged into the common household electrical outlet. Charging takes 10 hours but it can be shorten to 4 hours with a more expensive 240V charging station.