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A residential area with environmentally friendly homes has been built in the city of Mishima, in Japan's Shizuoka Prefecture. These green homes, has been built to showcase the green technologies for environmentally-friendly homes available in the market today. The sustainable energy for green homes and housing concept combines fuel cells, solar batteries, and energy usage monitoring systems as well as suggestions for energy conservation.

The roofs of these environmentally friendly homes were fitted with solar panels that can produce three to four kilowatts of electricity daily. The houses also have an electricity storage system, which is powered by natural gas. The solar energy generated is stored using ENEFARM residential fuel cells, which were manufactured by Panasonic. The Energy Management Service work closely with the residents to improve energy efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint.

The local gas company, Shizuoka Gas, supervises the project. Every month, Shizuoka Gas provides each green home household with a report on energy consumption and suggestion on energy conservation. For example, the residents would know which room of their room, is consuming the most energy for lightings or the cost of powering the individual room like the kitchen. The environmentally-friendly homes were completed in February 2011, with the first residents moving in March. There are 22 household or about 80 residents in the project area, which is about 6000 square metres. The green homes, of various designs, were built by eight different housing companies.

Such projects are positive steps forward in building sustainable cities of the future.  Every small step will help in Saving Gaia. 

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