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Generating Electrical Power By Harnssing The Energy Of The Ocean
The ocean is a potential source of clean and renewable energy that can be harnessed for powering our needs.  The ebb and flow of tides contain tremendous energy.  The up-and-down movement ofthe sea tides, powered by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon, can be used to spin turbines and generate greenhouse gas emissions-free electricity.  The powerful wave action crashing onto the seashores can also be harnessed for electrical power.  The possibility of harnessing the powerful tidal movement of the sea and wave power has been studied by scientists for some time now.
The Potential Of Wave Power
Experts estimated that up to 80,000 terawatts of electricity could be harnessed from the ocean waves each year.  The current global energy consumption is only around 16,000 terawatt hours.
Tidal Power
Harnessing of tidal power presents more of a challenge as only about 40 sites worldwide has been identified.  These places have the required tidal differential between high and low tides to make electricity generation feasible.  So very little electricity is being generated from the ocean tides at several test sites around the world.  Hopefully, such researches will yield better future technologies for generating electricity from tidal power.
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
A new emerging technology is ocean thermal energy conversion, which exploits temperature differences between surface and deeper waters. This is only feasible in the tropics but can potentially generate billions of watts of energy.