Saving Gaia
Saving Gaia - Join The World, Do Your Part Today

The Earth's climate is changing. You can see it everyday. Floods, earthquakes, bush fires, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, volcanco eruptions, heat waves and severe winters. No countries are spared. We all share the same Earth. We are all responsible for the climate change. Almost everything is linked to fossil fuels. Whether directly like petrol or indirectly like the LED monitor you are reading from, which requires energy to produce and to operate. The more fossil fuels we burn the more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. As we now know, the greenhouse effect is all too real. The excess carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases trapped the energy from the sun, preventing it from radiating out into space. Little by little, the Earth is overheating.

It may not mean that Earth is dying but if we do nothing, it will surely hasten mankind's demise. So what can you do?

few degree change in temperature means
  • Higher sea level. Some countries may not even exist anymore. Coastlines all over the world will be changed.

  • More frequent floods and droughts. More hurricanes and typhoons.

  • Food prices will burst through the roof as croplands are destroyed by the weather.

  • More infectious diseases sweeping the world as natural disaster areas are potent breeding grounds.

Do your part today for saving Gaia! Conserve our natural resources.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Use less water and electricity. Reuse items if possible. If not, dispose of them properly for recycling.