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Peepoo, a neat portable toilet designed by Peepoople AB, a small Swedish company, may be the solution for the third world's billion of slum dwellers. Many people do not have access to basic toilet facilities. So many people simply defecate in the bushes or into plastic bags, which would be tossed into the street. These plastic bags of human waste are a source of pollution and diseases.

The Peepoo is a a slim bag with a larger liner tucked inside, both made of biodegradable plastic and designed to fit over a small pot.Inside the bag are a couple of spoonfuls of granulated urea, an ammonia that eliminates germs and other nasties within two to three weeks. After use, the bag is knotted and taken to a drop-off point - where the family gets a small refund because the contents, after rotting, are sold for fertiliser. Each Peepoo costs four US cents and the bag is sold with its human waste for 1.3 US cents.

Peepoople AB tested their business model in Kibera, a notorious slum in Nairobi. So far, it appears to be a huge success. People took to it because there are no smells in the home and it greatly reduces the risks of disease and diarrhoea. Peepoople AB is ramping up production from 3,000 a day to 500,000 a day, to target users in South Asia and Africa as well as to stockpile for natural disasters.