Saving Gaia
Saving Gaia - Join The World, Do Your Part Today

Singapore, a small city state, is leading the way in promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings.  In January 2005, Singapore's Building and Construction Authority (BCA) introduced the BCA Green Mark.  This is a certification for buildings which meet stringent criteria in energy efficiency, water efficiency, environmental impact and environmentally friendly features.  It started as a certification for buildings in Singapore and has spreaded to many other countries.  There are 4 levels of certification Green Mark Platinum, Green Mark Gold, Green Mark Silver and Green Mark Certified.
Today, there are more than 1000 Green Mark buildings in Singapore.  The Green Mark has spread beyond Singapore's border to Brunei, China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Tanzania.  There are now hundreds of buildings certified overseas with more projects applying for the Green Mark certification.
Some of the features of a green building are having green roofs that lower the indoor temperature and the rate of heat absorption, efficient air conditioning system, use of renewable energy sources such as solar power, motion detectors to reduce energy wastage, water efficient fittings, self-cleaning facades, recycling of water, maximisng the use of natural light and ventilation, as well as conservation or re-planting of plants and trees.
The benefits of a green building include a reduction in water and energy bills; an improvement in indoor environmental quality for healthy living; and a reduction in the potential negative impact on the environment.

Choosing A Green Home

Choosing a green building for your home is one way you can help in saving gaia.  In fact, green homes are designed with people in mind.  The accent on comfort, safety and security are meant to accommodate society’s changing needs.  A green home use lesser toxic chemicals and is a healthier home too.  The use of natural lighting and ventilation also provide an internal environment that is thermally and visually comfortable.  This facilitates a better overall sense of well-being and vitality.  Many studies have shown that green homes are very cost efficient over their lifetime.  The passive design reduces the need for artificial lighting and climate control, and when coupled with efficient appliances, reduce the energy and water bills.  Green homes maximise the use of natural energy to reduce the need for non-renewable energy and thus reduce their carbon footprints.

The BCA Green Mark is a useful way to gauge how environmentally friendly a house is.