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Wearable Solar-Cell Fabric
Researchers in Japan have unveiled a new fabric which can harness solar power. They said their solar-cell fabric would eventually let wearers harvest energy on the go. The solar-cell fabric is made of wafer-thin solar cells woven together. The small bead-like spherical solar cells, called Sphelar cells, are woven into the fabric. The solar-cell fabric is able to harvest solar power and could enable people to power up their mobile phones and other personal electronics with their clothings. 

The researchers from the Industrial Technology Center in central Japan's Fukui Prefecture briefed that there was still work to be done before the fabric can be marketed. The centre developed the fabric with a Kyoto-based solar cell maker and other private firms. The researchers are now focusing on the coating for the conductive wires and improving the fabric's durability. Electronics makers, window blind makers and many others have already shown strong interest in the new invention.

Solar power generation is attracting attention around the world as people grappling with the ever increasing energy prices. In Japan, there is renewed interest in solar power as the country looks to alternative energy sources in the aftermath of the tsunami-sparked nuclear plant crisis.

Dec 2012.