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6 Aug 2015. 4.50pm.

Admin wrote: 

Dear Amber Leong,

Thank you for your query submitted to the website. 

Fireworks do cause pollution to the environment. However, as firework events are seldom held in the same location over an extended period of time, the risks are deemed acceptable by most local authorities.

In term of the global warming phenomenon, the contributing effect from firework events is minor compared to the major contributory factors such as greenhouse gases and burning of coal. 

Other than noise, the possible impacts of fireworks on the environment and human health may be summarised as follows:

1. Injuries and Fire: Accidents can occur if fireworks are handled incorrectly. Studies have shown that firework accident rates resulting in injury to be around 2 - 13 accidents per 100,000 inhabitants. The studies also show that young children are more prone to injury. Fireworks also cause fires. The resulting damage to property can be substantial.

2. Air pollution: Combustion of the gunpowder component in fireworks produces by-product such as potassium carbonate, potassium sulphate, potassium sulphide, unreacted sulphur. Dioxins can be released during the combustion of fireworks containing copper. Combustion of special effect components in fireworks produces mainly solid by-products. These consist of metal oxides and, less often, chlorides. The fine particulate pollutants can breach pollution standards for short duration. 

However, pollution standards are normally laid down for health reasons and they may be allowed to be exceeded for short duration over a period of time. You would have to refer to your local environmental authorities for more information. Air pollution, particularly from large fireworks displays, cannot be ignored. Sensitive persons may be susceptible to health problem from breathing fine particle pollutants.  Current studies show that firework do not cause problematic changes in soil and water contents. Ingestion through the food chain (and soil ingestion by children) are also not critical.



27 Jul 2015 11.50am

Amber Leong wrote: 

Just a matter of curiousity, does Fireworks cause any harm to the Environment?
All countries in the world now celebrate any festivals or occasions with "Fireworks". And they are getting more and more popular and also in bigger scale. Do this "Fireworks" cause pollution to the environment, other than Noise? How about, in raising the temperature?


20 Jul 2012 7.54pm

Admin wrote:
Hello Abidah Abrahim,

You made a sharp observation. The award winning choirs of Singapore's primary schools were invited to perform this song. The choirs came from Catholic High School (Primary) and Kong Hwa Primary School. Both schools happened to be Chinese schools.

Your message, however, is very much applicable and a good reminder - we share this Earth. Regardless of race, we all share the same responsibility to ensure a better future for our children and our children's children.

Thank you for your feedback.


20 Jul 2012 6.50pm
Abidah Ahrahim wrote:

Your Message: Nice song...very good initiative but just 1 question in case I'm wrong....only seems to be 1 race there a special reason for this??
6 Jul 2012, 2.43pm
Chialey Lim wrote: 
Hi, i also have a facebook page call save world save life save yourself.
I realized everyone in this world, and they know what is happening to them for now or in the future.
But people just dont want or dont what to do about saving world.

Even most country gov is not showing good example.

I had told some people that if they know if we not going to save or do something to the world, no one can help us.

So most of them replied me in this way:
"What can i do, i am not super hero or whatever."
"Some how convenient is better than recycle"
"Everyone not doing it, only me doing is not enough"
"By the time, the disaster come, i think i already not in the world already "
and so on...

My reply to them is stop being selfish, we must do our own part, is for everyone and include our next generation.

But i very disappointed that, people still dont get the point. they just cant be bother.

Most of the human wont listen or follow something if everyone not doing it.
Most of the human wont scare or fear if the things is not happen in their own shoes.

Anyway keep on educate and spreading it!! Nice Song and lyrics!