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Wind power have been used for centuries to provide energy to move water and still have great promise for the future. It is the subject of many research studies in our quest for clean and renewable energy source.
Wind power is free except for initial capital cost and maintenance. The main advantage of wind power is that it is clean and sustainable. It does not produce any greenhouse gas and has a low carbon footprint (primarily due to the manufacture of the wind turbine and associated equipment). It depends solely on wind which is a renewable source of energy. It is relatively low-tech and can be easily set up in remote places.

There are several disadvantages for wind power. It is dependable on a good location where strong wind is available. The wind turbines can only generate electricity when the wind speed is above a certain level. Even then, the wind may not be constant. So the amount of electrical power it can generate, vary depending on the location, the time of year and the time of day. Wind turbine generators can be vulnerable to violent storms. So the location of wind power farms must be carefully selected.

Another disadvantage is wind generation will need to occupy large land area. Wind farms are typically of over 50 acres per megawatt of power output. So 60,000 acres of land would be needed to produce the same power output as a 1.2 gigawatt, conventional power plant which occupies less than 200 acres of land. That means that wind turbines would use about 300 times the amount of land as conventional power plants. Wind farms are often located in areas where the lands are not suitable for other usage. However, it can be located in land that is used for grazing or even farming. There are offshore wind power farms but these are few as the sea can be a very hostile environment.

Wind power is not really suitable for heavy domestic usage. It cannot be used in areas which are often subjected to heavy storms. Wind turbines often need to be mounted at a certain height to catch the wind, there may be limits on where they can be placed, due to the local zoning laws. Some people also find a wind turbine to be noisy while in operation. Other people find wind turbines beautiful - a field of wind turbines spinning can have a peaceful and calming effect like a ballet in the air.