Saving Gaia
Saving Gaia - Join The World, Do Your Part Today

World Oceans Day is on 8 June. Each year on World Oceans Day, people around the world honor the oceans which links us all, celebrate it for the what it provides humans. Think about it. The oceans are more than just a source of seafood and inspirations for the poets. The world’s ocean generates most of the oxygen that we breathe. The oceans regulates Earth's climate, cleans the water that we drink.

No matter where you live, we are all connected to the ocean. What you do in your backyard will eventually affect the oceans. You are the caretaker of our ocean. Think about that.

It is our responsibility to ensure that our ocean is protected and conserved for future generations.

Let's spread the word. Encourage people around you to think about what the ocean means to us and what it has to offer all of us. Why is it important to conserve it for present and the future generations.

This World Oceans Day, learn about the oceans. Learn about the world of the beautiful sea creatures and habitats, how our daily actions affect them, and how we are all interconnected.